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Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I recently announced my plans to seek re-election as State Representative of the 99th Assembly District.  Since being elected in 2015, I have worked hard to make our state and district a better place to live and prosper.  From the beginning, I promised to help lower income and property taxes.  In the last budget we accomplished both.  As a result we have put more hard earned money back into your pockets and given capital back to small businesses to reinvest in their companies and create even better paying jobs.  I also promised to make education a priority and during the 2017-18 session we brought more money back to the schools in our district and expanded statewide school choice along with many other educational reforms.  We also made Wisconsin the Welfare Reform model for the country and got tough on crime including my bill to give judges the ability to protect the community from dangerous people.
It has truly been an honor and privilege to serve the constituents of the 99th Assembly District over the past three years.  I am looking forward to your continued support in moving the State of Wisconsin in the right direction and increasing our prosperity.
All the best,